Liz Harfull

Pip Courtney launches Women of the Land

ABC Landline presenter Pip Courtney today launched a new book featuring stories about women farmers at a special gathering of South Australia’s rural press club. The Rural Media South Australia event in Adelaide attracted a record attendance of more than 150 people, including rural journalists, farmers, researchers, agribusiness and politicians interested in rural issues.

Pip talked about her experiences as a Landline reporter and the changing roles and recognition of women’s contributions to rural Australia before launching Women of the Land, written by South Australian author Liz Harfull. “I couldn’t think of a more appropriate person to launch the book. It would never have happened without Pip,” Liz said.

“I was asked to do the book after a publisher at Allen & Unwin spotted me on Landline in a story Pip did about my quest for Australia’s best show cooks. She was looking for someone to help her tell stories of rural Australia from a woman’s perspective. It was one of those moments that most authors only dream about – a publisher coming to you!”

Among the special guests on the day were all eight women featured in the book. They travelled in from around Australia to attend, and have the opportunity to meet each other for the first time. “It has been a very exciting day for all of us,” Liz said.

Read Pip’s full speech or watch the Landline story about the launch.


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