Liz Harfull

Updated edition of Women of the Land out now

A new edition of Women of the Land has been released this month (March 2013) because of the overwhelming response to the original version.

Capturing the lives of eight inspiring women who run their own farms, the book hit the bestsellers list for non-fiction in Australia just a few weeks after it was first released in April last year. The response was so positive that publisher Allen & Unwin asked Liz to write some new material for a second edition, updating the women’s stories.

“I was surprised how much had changed in all the women’s lives in such a relatively short time,” she says. “They have been through personal struggles, and like most farmers they have faced some tough times, but for most of them the recent years have been kinder, rewarding them for their courage, perseverance and deep love of the land.

“I have tried to capture some of that, as well as a sense of what happened when these eight women met each other for the first time. They all travelled to Adelaide from across Australia for the launch, which turned into this magical day. Even though they come from such diverse backgrounds, they connected immediately and that has led to this amazing, ongoing sharing of advice and stories between them via email.”

Liz says she is still overwhelmed by the book’s reception, although not surprised that people are drawn to the women and their stories. I feel so privileged that they let me into their lives. It was a great honour to meet them and have the opportunity to share their stories – a life changing experience for me both as a woman and a writer,” she says.

Signed copies of the new B Format Paperback available direct from the author for $20.00 plus postage (RRP $22.99).


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