Liz Harfull

Almost an Island

Almost an Island: the Story of Robe captures and celebrates the ‘magic’ of Robe on beautiful Guichen Bay, through the eyes of permanent residents, holiday home owners and visitors.

What makes this small coastal village in southern Australia unique and special for so many people? What are the ingredients that have melded together to create this vibrant regional community and keep drawing an incredible diversity of people from around the world?

Author Liz Harfull and publishing house Wakefield Press have been working with the local community since 2010 to research and write the book, which was released in December 2013.

The concept of creating a book about Robe was devised by Wakefield who approached Liz to take on the project because of her close connections with the town and its history. Her great grandfather was one of the carriers engaged to guide Chinese gold miners from the port to Victoria’s goldfields during the 1850s. She captured something of that history in her first published story, written at the age of 11, as part of a tribute to local author Kathleen Bermingham, who was an early mentor and wrote the last full-scale book published about Robe (Gateway to the South-East, 1962).

Liz and her sisters own one of Robe’s historic cottages, which their parents bought in the early 1970s. She has been spending time there regularly ever since.

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